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  • January 28, 2021

A. Thank you message after they finish the first form
1. This is a confirmation that we got your inquiry. To further expedite your request, please provide some clarity on the questions below:

B. Question Fields
1. What is your company activity? Dropdown
a) Manufacture
b) Trade
c) R&D
d) Repair
2. What is the end product for this part?
Text box
3. Last purchase price?
Text box
4. What is your Address
Text box
5. Business Industry
a) Aerospace
b) Automotive
c) Defense
d) Industrial
e) Medical

c). Page should be worked as ajax based. Should not be refreshed after submitting the form.

D). After submitting RFQ form and additional questions form take at least 5 secs. Make sure it do not take time. After loading forms are submitted successfully.

E). When page redirected to thank you and additional information screen. Only left panel should be changed. There is no change in right panel (Part number info). All style and scroll bars should be same.